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Studio Corona
Civil Engineering

For 50 years constantly seeking new challenges in the field of civil engineering.

About us

Studio Corona Civil Engineering is an infrastructure engineering consulting firm.
In its 50 years of experience in infrastructure project management, it ranges from design, new construction supervision and rehabilitation of roads, highways bridges and tunnels.

Areas of expertise

Civil works

Studio Corona deals with the design of civil infrastructures such as highways, airports or subway stations.

Supervision of works and
safety at construction sites

Supervision of works and safety at construction sites

Thanks to more than ten years of experience, the Corona Sic team is able to supervise and follow the construction sites at 360°.

Support and assistance
to contracts

Studio Corona offers support in the selection of contracts and the management of related tender procedures

Technical assistance
to construction sites

Thanks to numerous experts in the various fields of civil engineering, Corona Sic provides assistance to third-party construction sites.

Our Projects

Gassino bridge, ring road slip road section of connection between S. R. n° 11 and S. R. n° 590
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Mont Blanc Cableway, detail design and supervision of the underground works and concrete
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Palasport – Oval Lingotto, design and general supervision HOK groupleader supervision
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Richard Meier & Partners Architects Bridge Supervision of the civil works
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free brochure:

Inside the brochure you will find numerous projects developed in Italy and abroad, the computer systems used, company profile and more. Download the brochure and learn more about our firm.
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