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Roads and highways

The main activity of Studio Corona is the design of road projects at national and international level. During its long career, Studio Corona has carried out preliminary and executive design for public bodies and private contracts. Studio Corona’s clients include the main Italian and European construction companies.

Ropeway transports

Studio Corona is also specialized in the design and supervision of works for cableway installations and design of ski resorts. In particular, during the construction of the 2006 Winter Olympics facilities, Studio Corona designed and directed the construction of 5 ski-lifts for the ski slopes.

Tunnels and subways

Studio Corona, supported by the best university consultants, has designed and directed numerous tunnels, both natural and artificial, challenging itself also in projects with complex geological situations located in urban and suburban contexts.

Bridges and Viaducts

Studio Corona has a long experience in the design of road and rail bridges and viaducts. Engineer Giovanni Corona, the founder of Studio Corona, was the guarantor of the Ministry for the design and validation of the first pre-stressed reinforced concrete viaducts built in Italy since the 1960s.

Railway works

Starting from the ’70s until today, Studio Corona has followed the design and construction of several railway lines on the Italian territory.

Civil Buildings

Nigeria, Taiwan, Argentina and Senegal are just some of the countries in which there are civil works designed by Studio Corona. Thanks to a large network of collaborators the studio is able to realize civil buildings not only all over Italy, but also all over the world.
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